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Japanese Bench Chisels

Fine Japanese chisels are revered by sophisticated woodworkers the world over. For years we looked at selling Japanese chisels, but we were intimidated by the complexity of the market. Japanese chisel makers are myriad and they do not all produce quality chisels. Finding the suppliers for the best quality chisels and avoiding the junk was not easy, but with the help of a Japanese friend we have now been able to make contact with some of the best makers of Japanese chisels and Japanese saws. The Kawasei chisels that we offer are excellent quality, but are not at the very top of the market, price wise, and represent an excellent choice for most people. These are hand made chisels, but they are not all made by one person. For the real purist who would like a hand made chisel made by a famous Japanese master, we offer the Tasai brand. These chisels are at the very top of the market of Japanese chisels.

Besides the Japanese chisels offered here, we have Japanese saws and Japanese kitchen knives in the respective categories on our website.

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