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Hishika Japanese Super-Fine Saws

Hishika is one of the premier saw makers in Japan. Besides making the traditional Japanese saws, Hishika makes a line of small hand-saws, primarily for modeling, but also useful for very fine cabinetwork, that are a cross between western saws and Japanese saws. They look a lot like the turned handle Disston saws of old, but they have much thinner saw plates and cut on the pull stroke. These saws are so sharp that for soft woods, like balsa, they actually work better on the push stroke. RC modelers find these saws particuarly useful, as well as anyone doing very fine cuts on thin stock. These saws cut on the pull stroke, but for balsa wood we find that they actually work better cutting on the push stroke.

Hishika Ultra-Fine Miniature Saws
Hishika Miniature Dovetail Saws
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Hishika Super-Fine Saw
These Hishika saws have a .1mm thick blade that is 2 3/8" long. These saws are very delicate and are easily damaged, even by cutting hard glue. They should be only be used on the finest work.
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HI-SF1 Hishika Ultra-Fine .1mm thickness Saw 30mm
(2 3/8") blade

Hishika Super-Fine Saws
Hishika Modelers saws
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Hishika Super-Fine Modeling Saws
The Hishika super-fine saws have exceptionally thin blades that allow them to make ultra-fine cuts suitable for doing fine dovetailing on small drawers or boxes, or for precision modeling work. These saws are very popular among RC modelers, including our founder who uses them regularly in his shop.
Stock # Description Size Price QtyBuy
HI-SF2 Hishika Super-Fine Modeler's Saw 120mm (4 3/4") blade, 28 PPI, .2mm thick $26.95
HI-SF3 Hishika Super-Fine Modeler's Saw 165mm (6 1/2") blade, 28 PPI, .3mm thick $28.95

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