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Mastering the skew is what separates the beginner from the seasoned turner. This was even the topic of a famous play, "The Taming of the Skew", by William Shakespeare. The Henry Taylor oval skew is considerably easier to control for an amateur than a conventional skew. The skew is still the toughest turning tool to master, but it is also an essential tool. We recommend that if you are starting out you also order one of our turning videos along with your chisels.
All of the chisels offered here are made from Henry Taylor's high-speed steel.

Henry Taylor's Oval Profile Skew Chisel
Henry Taylor offers a selection of 4 skew turning chisels that are made with an oval profile stock to allow better control. All of ours are all made with Henry Taylor's high-speed steel.
Henry Taylor oval skew turning chisel
Stock # Description Size Price QtyBuy
HS60 Skew Chisel 1/2" $34.95
- N/A
HS61 Skew Chisel 3/4" $38.95
- N/A
HS62 Skew Chisel 1" $39.95
- N/A

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