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Henry Taylor Bench Gouges

A good set of out-cannel gouges is an essential part of a complete cabinetmaker's tool kit. Henry Taylor also offers the same gouges with an inside cannel. In-cannel means that they are ground with the bevel on the inside. This style of gouge is more typically associated with pattermakers, although they are quite handy for general work as well.

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Henry Taylor Firmer Gouges - Outside Canneled
These Henry Taylor gouges are bevel ground on the outside.
Fitted with Beech handles. Overall length 10 1/2", blade length 5".
Henry Taylor gouge
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F22 1" SALE!
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Henry Taylor Cranked Inside Canneled Patternmaker's Gouges
These Henry Taylor gouges are Patternmaker's favorites, bevel ground on the inside.
Fitted with Beech handles.
Henry Taylor cranked gouge
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F1 1/4"
Overall length 13"
Blade length 7 1/2"
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