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Nothing makes us cringe more than seeing someone spend months and months on a project, only to complete it by adding second rate hardware. Unfortunately, these days it is hard to find anything else. The only companies making traditional hardware that we are satisfied with are in England. After careful consideration we have decided that it is too specialized a market for us to try and compete. There is one American hardware catalog that does such a good job that there is no sense in our trying to match it. This is the catalog of Whitechapel, Ltd in Wilson, Wyoming. Whitechapel is not a manufacturer. The Whitechapel catalog offers a broad selection of hardware from around the world. They have coded their suppliers by number to prevent you going direct to the source. We don't see the point. Before we found this catalog, we did buy direct from the English manufacturers. You won't save anything and they can be difficult to deal with. The people at Whitechapel are polite and responsive. Their manufacturer's code 4 is an English company that makes the best reproduction hardware in the world. Their code 1 is also very good, but a bit less expensive. Trust us, you won't go wrong with Whitechapel as long as you stick with the more expensive English makers. For reproduction hardware, there is nothing else on the market that compares.
The Whitechapel web address is: www.whitechapel-ltd.com
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