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Hand-Cut French Rasps "Ironing" Rasps

Ironing rasp is the vernacular term for a small cranked (offset-handle) rasp. These rasps are very popular for touching up just one spot panel or grounding work in relief carving. These ironing rasps are made for us in France by Logier, under our TBT Tools brand. It is our belief that Logier is the finest rasp maker left in the world.

Handles are not included.

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Hand-Cut French Ironing Rasps
Hand-Cut French Ironing Rasps
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Stock # Description Price Qty Buy
IRON-70-11-AU 70mm X 15mm - (2 3/4" X 9/16")
TBT Ironing Rasp G11 - (Fine)
- N/A
IRON-80-9-AU 80mm X 20mm - (3 1/4" X 3/4")
TBT Ironing Rasp G9 - (Medium)
- N/A
IRON-90-7-AU 90mm X 25mm - (3 5/8" X 1")
TBT Ironing Rasp G7 - (Coarse)
- N/A

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