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Grace Brass Hammers at The Best Things
Grace USA Brass Hammers for Woodworkers & Gunsmiths

Grace USA has been making high-precision quality tools for gunsmiths since 1941. Grace USA markets the brass hammers that we sell to gunsmiths, but what we realized is that this is a great brass headed hammer that is just as useful for woodworkers, for a whole lot less money than the brass hammers that are offered in the woodworking catalogs. And, best of all, Grace USA products are all Made in the USA, including of course these brass hammers.

Grace Brass Hammers
Made in USA. Hickory handles with brass heads.
Grace brass hammers
4, 8, and 16oz sizes are pictured
Stock # Description Price Qty Buy
BH-4 4oz Brass Hammer $15.95
BH-8 8oz Brass Hammer $17.95
BH-8L 8oz Brass Hammer - Long
The head measures 4" long   
BH-16 16oz Brass Hammer $19.95
BH-24 24oz Brass Hammer $29.95
BH_S3_GM Set of 3 Brass Hammers
4, 8, & 16oz sizes

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