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Fujikawa Japanese Slicks at The Best Things
Yasaku Brand Kihada Sasu Nomi
by Fujikawa
A Fukikawa blacksmith at work

Sasu Nomi, also translated as Sashi Nomi, are the Japanese form of slicks. Unlike Western style slicks, these tools are not as wide, and made to a higher degree of precision, including even old ones. They are essentially very long paring chisels. Kihada means bark in Japanese and refers to the decorative pattern on the top of the slick. The slick is made in the traditional way from soft iron with a laminated edge of white paper steel. Fujikawa has been in the business of making chisels in Japan since 1930 and is now on the third generation of the family to operate the firm. Fujikawa has always catered to the professional market within Japan, and has not established the international name recognition that some of the other chisel makers have. However, their chisels are of the first quality and will compare favorably against any tools to which you compare them. Yasaku is the brand name that Fukikawa uses for its top of the line tools.

Note: Individual sizes can be provided on special order with a wait time of between 3 and 5 months.

Yasaku Brand Japanese Kihada Sasu Nomi Set by Fujikawa
This set contains two sizes, 1"(24mm) and 2"(48mm), in a wooden presentation box. The tools are 23" long overall and have red oak handles.
Fujikawa Japanese Sasu (Sashi) Nomi (Slicks)
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Fujikawa Kihada Sasu (Sashi) Nomi Set
Contains two sizes, 1"(24mm) and 2"(48mm)
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