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FrameCo is an Australian manufacturer which specializes in framing tools for the home frame shop and small framing businesses. FrameCo products provide innovative and cost effective solutions to common framing tasks.


FrameCo Ezy Measuring System
The FrameCo Ezy Measuring System being used with a Nobex miter saw. FrameCo Ezy Measuring System
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Cutting two lengths of picture frame molding to exactly the same length is the most challenging aspect of making a frame. The FrameCo Ezy Measuring System is intended to simplify this process.

The table will attach to most hand and electric powered drop saws, including the Nobex hand miter saws that we offer. The legs may need wood blocks to raise them higher for some power or larger hand saw models. The legs are the proper height, without blocks, for the Nobex Proman model miter saw.

Model Description Price Qty Buy
10125W FrameCo Ezy Measuring System
Max. Capacity 43".
Must be used in conjuction with a miter saw, not supplied.
- N/A
10127W FrameCo Ezy Measuring System Extension
Used in conjunction with the Ezy Measuring System to extend the capacity from 43" to 64". This extension can be used just to extend the bed on your saw, but you will not have the measuring system. We are no longer importing Frameco products and these are on a closeout special.
- N/A

FrameCo Pushmaster Picture Framer's Joiner
The FrameCo Pushmaster being used with a FrameCo Strap Clamp. FrameCo PushMaster Frame Joining Kit
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The FrameCo PushMaster is perhaps the world's most popular picture framing jointing tool for the home user and small shop market.

  • Inserts all sizes of V-Nails into the corner joins of any picture frame.
  • Doubles as a fitting tool by inserting Flexipoints or backing nails to hold the picture into the frame.
  • Includes 400 V-Nails (makes 50 frames)
  • Includes a start-up pack of flexipoints, backing nails & screw eyes.

Model Description Price Qty Buy
14730W FrameCo PushMaster Joining Kit N/A
- N/A
10410W FrameCo PushMaster V-Nails 7mm (1/4") x 400
For use with softwoods like Pine & Poplar.
$12.95 - N/A
10411W FrameCo PushMaster Hardwood V-Nails 7mm (1/4") x 400
For use with hardwoods like Oak & Maple.
- N/A
10415W FrameCo PushMaster V-Nails 12mm (1/2") x 400
For use with hardwoods like Oak & Maple.
- N/A
10417W FrameCo PushMaster Hardwood V-Nails 15mm (5/8") x 400
For use with hardwoods like Oak & Maple.
- N/A

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