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Ashley Iles turning chisels at The Best Things
Ashley Iles Twybil (Morticing Ax)

The term twybil refers to a medieval French carpenter's morticing ax for working on timber frame morticing. The English equivelant is a somewhat different looking tool that accomplishes the same thing. The Ashley Iles Twybil is the first moden reproduction of this tool that we are aware of on the market. The twybil is used only after the mortice has first been bored out. You then clean it up with the twybil. This is not an easy tool to use, and it can be potentially dangerous if not properly used. You are after all swinging a sharp blade around. It also takes practice and skill to use. However, if you are a purist wanting to do medieval timber framing, you will love this quality reproduction by Ashley Iles.

Ashley Iles Twybil or Morticing Axe at The Best Things

The Ashley Iles Timber Framer's Twybil (Morticing Ax)


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