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Arno Veneer Hammers at The Best Things
Woodworking veneer Hammers by Arno, France
Arno Veneer Hammer

The Arno veneer hammer is a 21st Century refinement of one of the most important of all cabinetmaking tools. The Arno veneer hammer is made from a single piece of forged steel, with an inlaid polished brass edge that will not scratch or mar veneer, even when doing restoration work on veneer that already has a high-polish finish. The end of the veneer hammer handle is shaped to allow it to be used to raise veneer for inserting glue in restoration work. Similarly, the Arno design also incorporates extra functionality into the head, which is designed to drive veneer pins flush. The Arno veneer hammer handle is coated with cushioning rubber for a sure and comfortable grip. Made in France for professional cabinetmakers, this is a superb quality tool.

Arno Veneer Hammers
Arno Veneer Hammer
Made in France
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84DL2 3 3/8" long $65.95
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