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Arno Garden Pruning Shears at The Best Things
Garden Pruning Shears by Arno, France
Arno Garden Pruning Shears

Arno Garden Pruning Shears

Arno is one of the premier makers of forged edge tools in France. Our Arno pruning shears are made in France and are based on traditional French designs that grew out of the great French tradition of winemaking. Olive handle pruning shears similar to these have been used in the French vineyards for generations. We have tested these Arno shears exhaustively on projects around our own houses and we can say that their performance is beyond all reasonable expectations. They hold an edge for longer than any other shears that any of us have used, and the Arno shears require less strength than similar shears to cut through whatever you need to. Sure, the Arno shears are quite a bit more costly than cheap Chinese made shears, but the difference in performance will leave you glad you bought the quality product.

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152380 8" long $79.95
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Arno Garden Pruning Shears
Arno Garden Pruning Shears
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