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Shiro Kamo Gourmet Japanese Knives from Takefu Knife Village

Sora Japanese Kitchen Knives

Sora Knives at The Best Things

Mr. Shiro Kamo - Master Knifemaker

Sora knives are made by master knife maker Shiro Kamo, who is based at the Takefu Knife Village. The Takefu Knife Village is a knife making workshop in Japan where independent artisans share the same facilities to independently forge knives of their own designs. Mr. Shiro Kamo is a 2nd generation ‘Dento-Kogeishi’ (Japanese Traditional Craftsman). The Sora knives have an SG-2 powdered metal core (stainless steel) with 15 outer layers of stainless steel on each side.

Among high-end Japanese chef's knives, the most distinguishing feature of the Sora knives is the handles, which blend the best of Western style handle aesthetics with the practical comfort of the traditional Japanese handle. The Sora handles are octagonal, and like a tradional Japanese handle, they do not taper over their length. These are quite substantial handles, and are ideally suited to chefs who find the typical Western style handles to be too small. The handle is made from ironwood, with a fancy mosaic rivet in the center and polished nickel cap at the end, which complements the nickel ferule.

Sora Ironwood Knives

Hot-forged 32-layer nickel-stainless steel blade. SG-2 powder metal stainless steel core. Blade hardness is HRC 64 minimum. Ironwood handles with mosaic center rivets.

Item # Description Image Click for larger picture Price Qty Buy
G-3500PS Sora Ironwood Petty Knife 95mm (3 3/4") Sora Ironwood 95mm Petty Knife $349.95
G-3501PS Sora Ironwood Petty Knife 135mm (5 3/8") Sora Ironwood 135mm Petty Knife $359.95
G-3502PS Sora Ironwood Petty Knife 150mm (6") Sora Ironwood 150mm Petty Knife $369.95
G-3503PS Sora Ironwood Santoku Knife 170mm (6 3/4") Sora Ironwood 170mm Santoku Knife $469.95
G-3504PS Sora Ironwood Nakiri Knife 165mm (6 5/8") Sora Ironwood 165mm Nakiri Knife $469.95
G-3508PS Sora Ironwood Gyuto Knife 210mm (8 1/4") Sora Ironwood 210mm Gyuto Knife $499.95
G-3509PS Sora Ironwood Gyuto Knife 240mm (9 3/4") Sora Ironwood 240mm Gyuto Knife $579.95

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