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Sabatier Knives by Thiers-Issard at The Best Things
Sabatier knives

Sabatier Carbon Steel Canadian Massif Pattern Knives

Thiers-Issard have been hand-crafting knives in Thiers France under the Sabatier brand with the **** Elephant logo since 1884. At one time, many companies crafted fine knives in Thiers, just as they once did in Sheffield and Solingen. As the cutlery industry declined in Thiers, many factories closed down. When they did, Thiers-Issard was often there to buy out what was left. In so doing, Thiers-Issard amassed a huge collection of carbon steel forgings. These knives were originally sold into the Canadian market. It is hard to date them precisely, but our account representative at Thiers-Issard estimates that they are circa 1910. The quantities available in this series are very limited. These Sabatier knives were all recently ground and handled, it is only the forgings that are old. These knives are of historical importance and when these are gone there will be no more. The Best Things is the exclusive US importer of Thiers-Issard Sabatier Canadian Massif style carbon steel knives. The quantities available for the larger size Chef-de-Chef knives is very limited. Chef-de-Chef style knives are very heavy cook's knives that were historically used as an all-in-one knife by French chefs. They are highly sought after today as collector's items.

Stainless steel cutlery is certainly more care free, but nothing can match the edge retention and ease of sharpening of fine carbon steel knives like these from Sabatier. Of course, if you neglect carbon steel knives they will rust. Carbon Steel knives by Sabatier have an amazing ability to keep a sharp edge. Over time, Sabatier carbon steel knives will develop a pleasing patina. This is a unique opportunity to own French chefs' knives of historical interest.

Please Note: Several companies share the right to use the Sabatier name. Only Thiers-Issard uses the elephant logo and this distinguishes the French made Sabatier knives which we sell.

Sabatier Canadian Massif Knives

Features of the Sabatier Canadian Massif knives we offer:
  • Sabatier Elephant logo knives are all Made in France
  • Sabatier lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Genuine African Blackwood Handles
  • Sabatier Canadian knives are forged from a single piece of carbon steel

Please Note: Thiers-Issard carbon steel knives are a specialty product which are hand-made in France. Unlike all of the other knives that we sell, these knives are prone to significant irregularities. Sighting down the blades of these knives, they will typically not be perfectly straight. This will be particularly noticeable on the longer knives. Blades will often have a gentle curvature to one side, and or a gentle wave in the blade. This is a result both of being hand-ground and of the inherent instability of carbon-steel during the heat treating process. These knives are more akin to pre-War hand-made knives than they are to modern factory made knives, and should be evaluated in that light. Any knives that exhibit flaws that we consider to be outside of the normal range are segregated out and sold on our knife specials page. In short, if you are the type of person who expects perfection, you will probably not be happy with a Thiers-Issard knife. However, if you are a person who likes old-school knives, and values the properties of carbon steel, then you will probably love these knives.

Sabatier Canadian Massif Open Stock

Item # Description Image Click for larger picture Price Qty Buy
CMCCHEF19-GR-TI Sabatier Chef-de-Chef Knife 7 3/4" Sabatier Carbon Cook Knife $145.95
CMCCHEF22-GR-TI Sabatier Chef-de-Chef Knife 8 3/4" Sabatier Carbon Cook Knife $169.95
CMCCHEF25-GR-TI Sabatier Chef-de-Chef Knife 10" Sabatier Carbon Cook Knife $189.95

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