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Kikuichi Yanagi Sushi Knives

The Yanagi sushi knife is the most popular knife among Japanese sushi chefs. A long, thin and sharp blade is ideal for slicing delicate filet of fish. They feature a Ho-wood handle and a single bevel blade. Includes a Ho-wood sheath.

The Ginsan steel is a perfect blend of carbon steel and chromium. It has the performance benefit of traditional carbon steel with razor sharp edge and the practical benefit of stain-resistant steel. Kikiuichi Ginsan knives have the most preferred two-steel structure of Japanese cutlery. Ginsan carbon steel forms the core cutting edge while softer stainless steel layers protects it from corrosion and allows easy sharpening.

The Tatsutogi Grade is a Carbon Steel that is soft and very easy to sharpen, ideal for beginners.

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YG27-10-5 Kasumi YANAGI Ginsan Sushi Knife 10 1/2"
Stainless Steel
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YT27-10-5 Kasumi YANAGI Tatsutogi Sushi Knife 10 1/2"
Carbon Steel
Kikuichi Yanagi Knife SALE!
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