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The RuXXac line of ultra-lightweight hand-trucks were once the best selling product at The Best Things. Stronger and better made than all of the competitors, the RuXXac folding hand-carts were popular with all kinds of people. Then, citing price pressure from cheap knock-offs coming out of Asia, the company, based in Germany, stopped importing them into the US. Now, 10 years later, the RuXXac handcarts are once again available in the US. The RuXXac carts have been redesigned in a way that we genuinely find to be an improvement. Folding up the original design tended to confuse some people. The folding mechanism has been simplified on the new carts, making it both quicker and more intuitive. The new RuXXac carts are now made in Taiwan, rather than Germany, but I must say that we find the quality of these new carts to be ever bit the equal of the originals. We have been using the original carts for years here at the shop and in our homes. We have now done extensive testing on the new RuXXac carts and we find them to work just as well, while also being easier to fold up.

At first glance, these hand-trucks look a lot like cheaper carts that are on the market today. The similarity ends there. Despite its light weight, this is an industrial strength product made from space-age materials. The RuXXac fold-flat carts are ideal for business, home, recreation or travel. The RuXXac carts are available with a standard sized platform, and an extra-long platform version that is ideal for moving around boxes and similar items that need more support underneath.

  • Large shock absorbent tires.
  • Unfolds in seconds.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

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