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Wallace Collection Catalogue of Furniture by Peter Hughes

Wallace Collection Catalogue of Furniture
Peter Hughes

The Wallace Collection has the finest collection of eighteenth-century furniture outside France. Numbering over 500 pieces, it includes furniture by the greatest Parisian cabinet makers, beginning with Andre-Charles Boulle and continuing through the major craftsmen of the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI. The collection is rich in pieces made for the French Crown, such as the commode made for the bedroom of Louis XV at Versailles. The cabinet furniture is complemented by a wealth of objects in gilt-bronze, including the two great Caffieri chandeliers given by Louis XV to his eldest daughter. This catalogue of furniture replaces the 1956 publication by the late Sir Francis Watson. It has 337 entries, some covering more than one piece of furniture, and is divided into three volumes illustrated with 384 color plates and numerous black and white details. The entries cover the materials, construction and decoration of each piece, with an account of its history and a commentary on its dating, style and maker. The first volume comprises Gothic and Renaissance Style Furniture, Carved Furniture, Lacquer Furniture and Barometers and Clocks. The second volume covers Boulle Furniture and Veneered Furniture and the third Gilt Bronze.