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Carving Tips & Shortcuts with Nora Hall

Carving Tips & Shortcuts
with Nora Hall

Compiled for the first time in one DVD, Master Woodcarving Tips & Shortcuts with Nora Hall is the result of her 60+ years of devotion to the art of European Woodcarving.

Because Nora Hall's classes are so jam-packed with many tips and shortcuts, students have wished they had video taped the entire course. Here, Nora Hall has compiled all of these in one DVD. Master Woodcarving Tips & Shortcuts will open up enormous possibilities for speed and creativity as you apply these invaluable gems to any woodcarving project. Whether you carve professionally or just occasionally as a hobby, this DVD will save you time and countless frustration. Learn the secrets from a third generation European Master Woodcarver.

With complete explanation and hands-on examples, Nora Hall shows you:
* Correct work bench height
* Securing small projects for clamping
* Why the European Master carvers never use stop-cuts
* Correct lighting
* Drawing with charcoal