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Early Sea Painters 1660-1730 by F. B. Cockett

Early Sea Painters 1660-1730
F. B. Cockett

This is a unique introduction to a fascinating group of early marine painters working in England between about 1660 and 1730, of whom relatively little is known. Marine paintings really began in England with the arrival of the Van de Veldes (father and son) from Holland in 1673. They established a studio of British marine painting which was such a success that additional assistants were taken on. The Van de Veldes so dominated the world of marine painting that work by other attractive and competent marine artists working in England at the time received little attention. This relatively unknown group, which is the real subject of this important book, included Isaac Sailmaker, Jacob Knyff, J.K.D. van Beecq, Adrian van Diest, L. Castro, L.D. Man and H. and R. Vale. Pictures by these painters have been appearing in British sale rooms more frequently and their work is increasingly sought after by collectors. The book's wealth of fine illustration is included to demonstrate a particular painter's range