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Hand Tools with Frank Klausz

Hand Tools
with Frank Klausz

Tuning and Using Chisels, Planes and Saws Tuning chisels, planes and saws and learning how to use them properly can make your woodworking a hands-on pleasure. These tools can bring a refinement to your work that machines alone cannot produce. In this DVD you’ll learn how to:

    * Sharpen a chisel within minutes
    * Rehabilitate flea market tools
    * Flatten the bottom of a plane
    * Set and sharpen a handsaw
    * Stand and hold a plane
    * Pare accurately with a chisel
    * Saw straight and smoothly

Frank Klausz apprenticed and trained in Europe and has been a professional cabinetmaker for over three decades. He operates Frank’s Cabinet Shop in Pluckemin, New Jersey, writes about woodworking and teaches classes and workshops.